Silent Knight    (Authorized Dealer)

A member of the Honeywell Life Safety Group, Silent Knight is a maker of Fire Alarm control panels and accessories.  Our products are easy-to-install and commission, and offer features and benefits not found in competitive products.

Bosch Security   (Authorized Dealer)

From homes to factories and offices of any size, our intrusion systems meet the most rigorous international standards and include the most advanced security technology. Typical products and systems include intrusion detectors/alarms and transmission equipment

DSX    (Authorized Dealer)

DSX manufactures integrated solutions for the Access Control and Security Industries.  Based in Dallas Texas, DSX designs all software and hardware in house “Integrated Solutions and real world applications are what we do best.  Grow your system from one location and one pc to 32,000 locations and 999 pc on a Wide Area Network.

Panasonic     (Authorized Dealer)

Get the edge in video surveillance system solutions with the best end-to-end imaging performance for IP, analog, and hybrid systems.

NAPCO Security

NAPCO Security Group’s combined strengths in myriad security technologies, including panels, keypads, wireless, alarm, sensors, locks & access control, its powerful products offerings are among the most innovative on the market—affording security pros uncommon reliability, labor—savings and customer-ease.

Badger    (Authorized Dealer)

Badger Fire Protection has been providing the means to effectively deal with the threat of fire for over 100 years.  Badger Fire Protection is an ISO registered company manufacturing industrial fire extinguishers  of superior quality  for worldwide distribution.

To contact us:

Phone: 254-799-3473

Fax: 254-799-3596

Mailto: 1@HOT.RR.COM

I See Video

Feel free to take a peak at one of the newest product lines being offered by Esquire.  This system allows for 2-4 motion activated cameras. It allows for web access to viewing and stored recordings through any pc or mobile device with java capability.  Call 254-799-3473 to learn how to view this demo for free.

Range Guard    (Authorized Dealer)

Over 37 years of proven performance, Range Guard was the first UL-Listed wet chemical fire suppression system.  Range Guard systems guard against facility damage, potential injury of personnel and patrons and lost profits due to business interruptions.  Superior wet chemical coverage that quickly suppresses fires and prevents reflash.